iHaus has a new partner
She even listens to your command!

Amazon Alexa and iHaus control IoT & KNX devices in your Smart Home

What is Amazon Echo and who is Alexa?

Amazon Echo und DOT steuern Smart Home per Sparchbefehl

Echo is Amazon’s cloud-based speaker, which listens to your voice. In combination with the intelligent assistant Alexa, it creates a whole new experience for your Smart Home. You don’t have to type on your smartphone, tablet or computer anymore to search for information or operate your IoT devices. Now you can manage most of this just with your voice and verbal commands.

Amazon Echo and the smaller version Amazon Echo Dot for example play music, provide the latest news and weather forecasts, remind you of appointments and manage your shopping list. The Alexa Voice Service hangs on your lips and listens to your commands.

With the iHaus App and Amazon's Alexa your Smart Home will become even smarter. As a team Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, Alexa and iHaus control scenarios in your Connected Home connecting intelligent devices like sound devices, lights and plugs.



Control your SMART HOME with iHaus and Alexa

Amazon Alexa im Smart Home

The iHaus App, Amazon Echo und Alexa work perfectly together. Cause with the combination of the iHaus App and home automated KNX devices, the Amazon loudspeaker can start and control a variety of scenes in your smart home. With your voice command Alexa activates these so-called SUM-ITUP scenes defined in the App. iHaus bundles brands, manufacturers and systems to give Amazon Echo and Echo Dot access to all your Smart Home devices such as thermometers, light bulbs, smoke detectors, household aids and consumer electronics.

With iHaus and Amazon Alexa you can easily command your Smart Home and KNX scenes with your voice!
Amazon Alexa steuert KNX

App Download

Smart Home App for iOS and Android with Alexa voice control to operate IoT and KNX devices


Amazon Echo & iHaus: Examples for Smart Home scenarios - SUM-ITUP

“Alexa, activate LEAVING HOME!”
One possible scenario that can be created within the iHaus App connected with KNX devices and be activated with Alexa is “LEAVING HOME”. Your command triggers this SUM-ITup and automatically the lights go out, the music turns off and the shutters shut down before you leave the house.

“Alexa, activate WAKING UP FIRST FLOOR!”
While sometimes it can be hard for us to get up in the morning, Alexa really is an early bird that makes getting up more fun. On your command “waking up first floor!” it drives up the shutters and plays your favorite music to make you happy with your individually designed iHaus SUM-ITUP.

Alexa Skills for KNX

Skills are applications that enable Alexa to control the Internet of Things in your Smart Home, such as lights, thermometers, weather systems, alarm devices, smoke detectors or security cameras. In the field of KNX Home Automation it operates blinds, plugs, keyless systems, air conditioning and heating systems for example. You can connect all these devices with the iHaus App, which makes sure, that they start and stop as adjusted in your SUM-ITUP scenario. That’s why Alexa can now activate them as well.

„Alexa, activate HOME CINEMA"
„Alexa, activate LEAVING HOME"
„Alexa, activate WELCOME HOME"
„Alexa, activate HOME ROMANCE"
„Alexa, start scene LIGHTS OFF"
„Alexa, start CLUBBING scenario"
„Alexa, activate TEMPERATURE 23 CELSIUS"
„Alexa, start scene SHUTTER DOWN"

iHaus configuration: It's easy!

Amazon Alexa and iHaus enables you to operate your SUM-ITUP Smart Home scenes via voice command. This is how you connect your Amazon Echo with the iHaus App. Let’s start with the iHaus Skill in the Alexa App.

Amazon Alexa mit Smart Home App koppeln
Amazon Alexa mit Smart Home App koppeln
Amazon Alexa mit Smart Home App koppeln

App Download

Smart Home App for iOS and Android with Alexa voice control to operate IoT and KNX devices


Amazon Echo family

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo, the new intelligent loudspeaker, plays your favorite music from Apps like Amazon Music, Spotify or iTunes in a 360° omni-directional audio for immersive sound. Amazon Echo has seven integrated microphones and far-field voice recognition, so it hears you from across the room even while music is playing. With the wake word “Alexa” the Alexa Voice Service is being activated to provide your requested information. Alexa answers questions, reads audio books and recipes, reminds you on appointments and in combination with iHaus operates Smart Home scenes.

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot

Echo Dot, Amazon Echo’s little sibling, is a handy addition to make every single room in your Smart Home smarter. The small-sized Alexa-based device comes with a little speaker, so it can be used as an alarm clock in the bedroom or a music entertainer in the bathroom. Via Bluetooth or stereo wire it is possible to connect it with bigger speakers or earphones. Echo Dot also works with Alexa Voice Service and makes sure, that the intelligent assistant is present and can hear you in all your rooms. In combination with the iHaus App, Amazon Dot can also operate SUM-ITUP scenes in your Connected Home.


Overview: Amazon Echo, iHaus and our Smart Home Partners

Supported products that can be operated with Alexa together with the iHaus App




Philips Hue LED und Lightstrips
Philips Hue Bloom
Philips Hue Go
Philips Hue extension Bulb & Single Bulb
Philips Hue - Motion Sensor
Philips Hue LED
Philips Hue White Ambiance
Osram Lightify über Philips Hue Bridge


Sockets, smoke detector & sound

iHaus smoke detector via wireless WLAN gateway
Belkin WeMo Insight Switch
Sonos PLAY:1 Sonos PLAY:3, Sonos PLAY:5 (Gen1&2)
Sonos SUB


KNX products

The iHaus App supports the following JUNG devices for KNX,
JUNG IP Router IPR 200 REG,
JUNG IP Gateway IPS 200 REG
This connects 400 manufacturers with more than 7,000 KNX products