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Discovergy smart meters - Smart Metering with the iHaus App

iHaus App scenarios with smart meter data make your building intelligent and help to save energy. With the integration of the Discovergy Smart Meter into the iHaus ecosystem, users have access to data that Discovergy determines via the intelligent electricity meter. Smart metering controls energy consumption by showing the iHaus traffic light when the produced solar power on the roof is sufficient or not.



Discovergy App

Energy production with the own photovoltaic system

If more energy is generated than is currently needed in the house, the resident receives a message that it would now make sense to start the washing machine. In addition, smart lamps (from Philips Hue or IKEA) indicate the recommended action by flashing green and/or by sending a text output from the SONOS loudspeakers.

iHaus warns of energy shortage

If the iHaus light lights up "red", it becomes clear that the family should now use electricity more sparingly - because it no longer comes exclusively from photovoltaic systems or power storage devices, but must be purchased from the public power grid at a cost of 30 cents per kilowatt hour, for example.




Application example for automated energy saving

If several devices such as adapters are connected to certain consumers or an electric car with charging station, the scenario can even go one step further. Because in the iHaus App, if-then rules, so-called TRIGGER, can be created very easily. "If there is excess energy and the weather remains stable, then the electric car could be charged," could be one such automated scene.

Example: With power cells on the roof of the house, the electric car charges itself with solar energy. This protects the environment and saves money. The total power consumption is displayed via Discovergy in the iHaus App. The TRIGGER can be used to prevent the need to purchase additional power when charging the Tesla from the grid. For example, if the washing machine is running, the loading process on the Tesla is paused and vice versa. This means that all devices in the Smart Home, including the smart car, can be charged and operated in an energy-efficient manner.

Diiscovergy mit Solardach / Solar roofing zum Tesla laden

Discovergy - Intelligent electricity meters in the Connected Home

As a leading full-service provider of smart metering solutions, Discovergy aims to contribute to the success of the energy transition with its products and services. Real-time data acquisition provides direct customer benefit through greater transparency, device-specific consumption information and the possibility of optimising own consumption.

The company, which is based in Aachen and Heidelberg/ Germany, already has its own smart meter gateway (Meteroit) and is already making digital electricity and gas meters intelligent. The range of services includes nationwide metering point operation for electricity and gas, visualisation and billing solutions, but also complete packages - for example for the realisation of tenant electricity projects or intelligent metering systems.

Discovergy's customers include energy consumers (private, commercial, industrial, chain stores), municipal utilities, energy suppliers, network operators and mobile phone providers.

discovergy stromzähler


Discovergy provides complete energy transparency from a single source - from measurement technology and data processing to display for the end user. (Source: Discovergy)



Energy consumption and production of devices or systems are recorded in real time and sent to Discovergy's server.


The raw data is securely stored, processed and evaluated by Discovergy using highly specialized algorithms.


Users see their data live via web or mobile app and receive smart notifications of unusual values.





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Advantages of the Discovergy solution

Saving electricity is that simple: Discovergy replaces your old electricity meter with an intelligent electricity meter (smart meter) - including energy consulting. This will reduce your electricity consumption by up to 20 percent and reduce your energy costs sustainably.

Reduce energy costs

Based on your individual consumption profile, you will receive advice and tips on how to save electricity and money with little effort.

No more additional payments

With Discovergy Smart Meters you always have your electricity costs in view. High additional payments are thus a thing of the past.

Ideal for photovoltaics and cogeneration plants

Effectively use or sell generated energy by yourself. If you know your system, you can save or gain a lot of money.

On mobile devices

With our app, you always have your personal energy assistant at hand and can check everything relaxed while you are on the move.

Security all the time

Are the devices switched on? Is the refrigerator damaged? With the energy monitoring you always know what is going on at home.


How to get started with Discovergy?


Your smart meter installation in three simple steps

Since 2008, the metering system has been completely liberalised by the "Law on the Opening of the Metering System for Electricity and Gas". This simply means that you can freely choose the operator of your electricity meter, just like your energy supplier - even as a tenant. Switching to an intelligent electricity meter from Discovergy is child's play. We take care of the coordination with your network operator and the installation of the smart meter at your home.


Order intelligent electricity meters

Order your Smart Meter at Discovergy will coordinate the meter change with your network operator.

Select installation date

Installation of your new intelligent electricity meter by a certified electrician on your desired date. The installation takes about one hour..

Discover energy

The smart meter connects automatically to the Internet and transmits the measured values securely to the portal for evaluation.


How does DISCOVERGY detect the consumption of individual devices?

Based on intelligent electricity meters (smart meters), Discovergy uses state-of-the-art technologies such as machine learning and complex algorithms to filter out individual devices from the hodgepodge of many household appliances. Result: You recognize power guzzlers and save money.

Real-time analysis

Using intelligent electricity meters: In the first step, the smart meter collects the actual consumption data. This is already the intelligent evaluation - no additional sensors or adapters are required in the household.

Data analysis

Classify your consumption: Electrical household appliances such as washing machines, dryers, irons or televisions leave a specific fingerprint in the consumption data. This is because they all have a special consumption pattern that becomes apparent when the data is correctly analyzed.

Data autonomy

Visualize consumption: Your individual power consumption is visualized in Discovergy's web portal. And it can be traced seamlessly, in real time and even weeks later. More transparency is not possible.

Cost control

Save cash: With Discovergy's real-time visualization, you always have your costs in view. You save money if you consistently switch off standby consumers, replace old appliances, defrost the refrigerator in good time or take other measures.


[Photo: Discovergy]

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