KNX Visualization and Control
Developed for smartphones and tablets

KNX App – Visualization, Controller and Server for iOS & Android

Connects Alexa, HomeKit, Tradfri, Home Connect and KNX in one hybrid solution

As an app across systems and brands, it is possible to integrate KNX components from JUNG and other brands into the iHaus software. In this case various IoT applications and KNX functions are integrated in iHaus and shown all together on the user interface. The KNX components are controllable and can be individually combined. The app can be used on iOS-enabled Apple and Android devices, as well as on the JUNG KNX controllers 7", 10", 15" and 19". The app is preinstalled in the JUNG Launcher and only needs to be enabled by the user. For a connection to KNX, a KNX IP router or the KNX IP interface from JUNG is required. The router or the interface are the tickets to the entire world of the KNX bus system with over 400 brands and 7000 products!

KNX app for Tradfri, HomeKit, Alexa and HomeConnect


Individual playlists allow music for every taste and every room.


Temperature regulation for each room. Trust in intelligent heating systems with automatic temperature control.


The lights listen to your command! Everything switches on or off. Program your own light situations as needed.


Various network-compatible KNX components are represented in the app in different views of control.

KNX server

Expensive server hardware solutions are replaced by the app working as a 24/7 software server.


Depending on the sunlight, KNX scenes control the functionalities of KNX blinds.

The clever hybrid solution from KNX and IoT
The following video shows you the characteristics of the hybrid KNX app solution. Our KNX tutorials will show how KNX devices are turned into the iHaus Smart Home App and how they are connected to web-enabled devices like Philips Hue, Sonos, Bosch & Siemens Household Appliances, IKEA Tradfri, Netatmo and many more via Plug & Play function!

Examples for a KNX situation

Good-bye function

The user can switch off all connected devices with a fingertip on the smart device or simply by pushing a button: The heating goes into frost protection, all lamps in the house are switched off, the shutters are closed, the hi-fi and TV switch into standby etc. Additionally the user receives a push message "house secured" and an optional warning message, for example "terrace door still open". This creates a good and safe feeling when leaving the house.

Emergency Assistant

With the Call-for-help switch an individually defined emergency program will be activated as a preset scene. The family member in need can trigger the scene by using a KNX push button or a hand transmitter. For example: First the relatives are informed on their mobile phone "call for help from room XY" in order to clear the situation. If they are not available, an external service is activated to check the situation.

iHaus KNX-App download

Smart Home App for KNX scenes

iHaus JUNG Panel App

Special JUNG Panel App Smart Controls 7 ", 10", 15 "and 19" to download



Alexa controls KNX systems

Note: The linking to Alexa only works with an activated 24/7 server mode

“Alexa, start scene LEAVING HOME!"
A possible scene for example, that can be controlled in combination of the iHaus App, linked KNX devices and Alexa is "leaving home". This SUM-ITUP is triggered on voice command: The lights, music and the shutters are automatically shut, before you leave the house.

“Alexa, start scene WAKE UP GROUND FLOOR!"
While in the morning you may have some trouble here and there, Alexa is a real pick-me-up. On your voice command she takes care of you in the morning. She raises the blinds for example and plays your good-mood music, when Alexa turns on the SUM-IT-UP "WAKE UP GROUND FLOOR"
You now control your KNX scenes with iHaus and the Amazon Alexa Skill simply by voice command! The iHaus App acts as KNX Server app and KNX Controller app in one.
Amazon Alexa controls KNX


Successful KNX projects

Future-oriented living is already real

Smart Home Show Home
The iHaus hybrid solution for KNX building control and the Internet of Things is currently showing a major new project in Karlsfeld near Munich. 84 real estates - or better: intelligent networked residential environments - were built for buyers who want a smart and safe home with comprehensive comfort. The project "mynido" is being realized by ISARIA Wohnbau AG.


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KNX linking and control

KNX is a standard for building automation.

This sounds very technical and in fact it is, because it is based on a mature and globally established system for the intelligent linking of modern building system technology. Heating, shutters, lights, garage, alarm systems, telephones and video systems - all these components are included. With iHaus you are now able to connect and link components from any building system technology with network-capable devices from the IoT world. The app is KNX server and KNX visualization in one. In this way more than 400 manufacturers and over 7,000 KNX products can now be integrated into the iHaus KNX server app. Thereby the iHaus KNX controller app is revolutionizing the smart home world, as it has never been seen before!

KNX App zur Kopplung von Tradfri, Home Connect, Alexa und Homekit von iHaus
Ansicht: iOS Version


KNX networking

To connect the app to the JUNG components, you need a KNX-IP router or the JUNG KNX-IP interface. Once set up, the app will scan all fitting devices in your home.

A match request is automatically generated for hits. Then you can integrate the components using the suitable KNX-LINKIT and the KNX address or simple teach-in of the switches you want and you can easily control lights, shutters and your heating via smart devices.


Other options arise with the additional integration of IP-enabled devices from different brands such as SONOS sound systems, the intelligent Belkin socket, Phillips Hue lights or additional KNX connections, such as window contacts or sensors.

In so-called SUM-ITUP, you can combine all these components, creating a new smart home scene that you can easily control with your smartphone or tablet. You can even teach your scenes on multifunction switches. The "goodbye button" next to the entrance switches off all devices with just one push.


iHaus KNX-App download

Smart Home App for KNX scenes


In-App-Price for KNX-LINKIT

Product price
KNX LINKIT (test period) 30 days free – With any IP interface
KNX LINKIT monthly 16,99 €
KNX LINKIT yearly 129,99 €
KNX LINKIT lifetime 499,99 €



The KNX bundle include a lifetime KNX LINKIT and the related JUNG product and are the ticket into the world of building system technology and the Internet of Things. Therefore we offer low-cost packages for the JUNG interface or the JUNG-IP router.



App functionalities