Unsere Brand Mission: Connecting for the future.

iHaus makes the Internet of Things a part of everyday life for many people. State-of-the-art technology becomes tangible, usable and adds value for everyone. iHaus believes that smart technology has to be even easier to use and as flexible as the needs of the user. More convenience, more security, more sustainability. These are the big tasks of the future, for which iHaus already offers solutions today.

iHaus is the strong partner for companies that manufacture smart technology, plan with it or want to develop new business models. iHaus promotes training and research at universities in the field of intelligent connectivity with commitment and innovative concepts.

Everything iHaus does is geared towards a successful future.

The company iHaus.

As a comprehensive solution iHaus connects Smart Building Technology, the Internet of Things and services with people across multiple manufacturers.

The digital iHaus ecosystem works like an intelligent operating system for buildings. This goes far beyond conventional Smart Living systems. The building recognizes the routines of the users and can react to them if desired. It reports and detects problems through remote diagnosis via the Internet and can save people through life-care functions.

From the data generated through the use of the systems, iHaus gains valuable information, which can be used by corporate partners. The information can be used for profiling, increasing efficiency and sustainability and creating future business sectors.

On the way to a Smart World, iHaus connects with B2B partners to develop and expedite joint projects. With each individual platform connection iHaus creates a success-oriented and future-oriented added value for its corporate partners.

Future-proof solution based on experience.

iHaus AG is rooted in building automation and building system technology. The company was founded in 2013 and today it stands for pioneering solutions in the field of digital building and intelligent connectivity.

iHaus AG combines its future-oriented business model with the experience of Claus Heinemann Elektroanlagen GmbH. The investor, with more than twenty years of expertise in the field of building automation and network technology, has been a strong foundation for the development of iHaus in a rapidly growing market.

A large team of specialists, a powerful industry network and many years of market experience in the use and integration of innovative electrical technologies are therefore part of the successful iHaus AG concept.

Our team

Robert Klug iHaus CEO
Robert Klug
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Jan von Lewinski
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Supervisory board
iHaus Team
The iHaus team