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iHaus Smart Building Platform

Rely on new and promising opportunities for your future real estate. We connect standardised building system technology with innovative Smart Living Technology thus using the entire potential of the Internet of Things. thus using the entire potential of the Internet of Things.

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Germany’s first Smart Living residential area. This quarter is not only future-ready, but also future-oriented.

Germany’s first Smart Living residential area was built in 2016 in Karlsfeld near Munich. iHaus and ISARIA Wohnbau invested themselves into a unique Smart Living residential project called “mynido”.
29 single family houses and around 60 condominiums with many smart home functions were built in Bavaria. All smart residential units were equipped with an iHaus Smart Living package and KNX building automation in the construction phase. The iHaus Smart Building platform ensures the interoperability of the individual components.
Detailed information is provided by our guidelines for decision-makers and those responsible for planning and implementing a Smart Living strategy.
Smart Living settlement based on iHaus Smart Building Platform
Control of iHaus Smart Building Platform
mynido family home based on iHaus Smart Building Platform

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iHaus is the next level for digital buildings.

Future-ready and comprehensive integration of all systems

For professional building automation systems, iHaus integrates the reliable and proven KNX standard and hence a large number of manufacturers.
In addition, iHaus incorporates various IoT systems and services, allowing the potential of the iHaus Platform Technology to go far beyond conventional building automation. Thus, the potential of the iHaus Platform goes far beyond conventional building control.
In regards to the integration of KNX and the building automation systems, iHaus went into partnership with Claus Heinemann Elektroanlagen GmbH and many other installation partners.
You can also benefit from a partnership with iHaus: We are happy to tell you how to become an iHaus certified installer. Just get in touch with us briefly.

Integration of all systems into the iHaus Smart Building platform

Using the full potential of the Internet of Things

iHaus connects all kinds of hardware and software that can be managed via the IP standard. Therefore, it can integrate all market-relevant systems like Apple HomeKit or voice control via Amazon’s Alexa.

The iHaus Platform is very flexible and is becoming more and more versatile due to constant expansion.

The iHaus server as the intelligent core of the digital building.

iHaus enables you to install a compact server in the top-hat rail within a standard electrical installation or a KNX system.
The integration of the server for Smart Living Technology remains part of the professional installation service.
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