Don’t just hand over your hardware. The iHaus IoT platform enables you to stay in contact with your products. This gives you relevant information that you can use to further develop products and increase customer loyalty

Projects that show what possibilities there are in the use of product data.


The iHaus IoT platform turns lights into valuable data sources thereby creating new value chains.

The integration of lighting systems and luminaires into the iHaus ecosystem creates a multitude of new service options and product optimizations.

This makes it possible to offer maintenance as a service. Because the hardware remains in constant contact with the manufacturer. In the after-sales area, constant contact with the product and the customer also opens up new opportunities – for example technological upgrades.

With the knowledge of the product life cycle, you can also offer your customers new hardware at the right time. In general, the integration of devices into a smart network leads to product value build up and subsequently to a competitive advantage.


We network smoke alarms with the Internet of Things. This enables the full potential of smoke detectors to be used.

Real-time smoke detector information on your smartphone – only with iHaus. Only iHaus offers this with its own IoT platform. The integration of the smoke alarms from Hager in the Internet of Things also opens up completely new possible uses. Because the use of the sensors allows temperature measurement and thus heating control. It facilitates maintenance services and grants additional security.

This makes the iHaus smoke detector an unrivalled product for digital buildings, residential buildings and other living spaces.

Find out how to get the most out of your hardware.

We can connect your product faster. Plan in months - not years.

Benefit from a quick project implementation with low risk. iHaus offers you a secure cloud infrastructure as well as cross-platform connectivity for iOS and Android.

iHaus supports you with project executions by developing individual software that is geared towards your objectives and by creating innovative UI / UX designs.

Secure integration of your products into the iHaus IoT platform.

iHaus ensures secure interoperability with all participants in the IoT platform.

Hence, a large number of devices, systems and services are directly connected to your offer. You can also use iHaus as a digital touchpoint to your end customer. A digital connection to the customer is established via the iHaus App, which allows you to transfer new services, relevant content and other added value directly to the user. We are happy to give you more information about your options.

iHaus saves development time and costs in digitization.

We help you avoid unnecessary investments on your way to digitalisation. iHaus provides access to a complete platform infrastructure already now.

This means: You can lower your costs for the development of backend, frontend, user administration and data preparation significantly. Even individualized white label solutions are possible.

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