Smoke detector tutorials

Our iHaus tutorials will tell you how to connect your smoke detectors and connect them to the net.

Tutorial #11: Connect smoke and heat detector

Soon, smoke detectors are required by law in all bedrooms, children's rooms and corridors. Have you already ensured your safety? In this tutorial, you will learn how to quickly and easily activate the new iHaus smoke and heat detector, scan the QR code, network it with other detectors, plug it into the iHaus app, and then easily create a LINKIT. So the device not only alerts you in case of alarm, but you also have the App further factors such as the room temperature and the degree of contamination of the device at a glance.



Tutorial #12: iHaus connect smoke detector and heat detector with Sonos & Philips Hue

Push notification on your smartphone Our smart iHaus smoke and heat detector can do much more than just warn you with a beep in an emergency. It's easy to network it with other devices like Philips Hue lights and Sonos speakers. How to merge the individual LINKITs into a SUM-ITUP, we'll show you in this tutorial. In case of an alarm, not only does your smoke and heat detector react, but the Hue lamps start to light up and your Sonos sound system warns you acoustically. In addition, we'll explain how to let you or designated people like your neighbors in test and fire even push messages or emails, if you're not at home.



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